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Avengers Alliance is a role-playing game in which players are in charge of their own Avengers team in order to take on the evil forces that want to destroy the balance on Earth.

Players can chose between more than 20 Marvel heroes to create their own Avengers team. Iron-Man, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine and Nick Fury are only some of the popular characters that you can add to your team. Each one, of course, has their own special abilities for combat.

Throughout the Avengers Alliance's main campaign, you can participate in more than 60 different missions in which you fight hundreds and hundreds of enemies. While you will fight many normal enemies, you will also run into some of the scariest bosses from the Marvel universe, like Magneto or Loki.

Avengers Alliance is an entertaining game that, in spite of being a single-player game, you can go on missions with your friends on Facebook through the Internet. This also allows you to get more experience and objects.
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